July 4th Newsletter - What I Really Want To Do

Last week we discussed how blessed I was to stay home with my children while they were young. When the youngest started school I took a job at a local pet store. I also went back to college and earned a BS in Business Management. I have worked at a few different businesses over the years and, through it all I realized some things:

1. I do not enjoy managing others,

2. I love working with animals,

3. Mean people suck (and make me cry).

So much of our adult life is spent working, it only makes sense to have a career that you enjoy. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I love the people I work with and the actual work I do. What makes my job difficult is dealing with mean people. I have been told everything from, "I hope you have nightmares about me committing suicide because you killed my dog," to "You are only in it for the money. You don't care about our pet at all." Of course neither is true. Even so, as an empath, these comments have a profound impact on my day and how I view my job.

I'm an older woman and the last thing I want to do is start over in a different career, or even with a different employer. My boss is an amazing woman and I can't imagine reporting to anyone else or, working with folks other than my coworkers. Given that I need the income to pay our bills, what am I to do?

Over the past three years I have developed my hobby into a small (very small) business. I find it relaxing to spend time working on my latest project. My husband is amazingly understanding and even supports my frequent trips to second hand stores for whatever my latest project requires. 

How will I overcome my weekly Sunday night dread as Monday morning looms on the horizon? 

Let me think on it and get back to you next week.